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This Weekend

Pastries and Tea

Hey you lot! Hope you’ve had a good weekend? Ours started bright and early on Saturday morning when Miguel decided that we were going to walk to Camden to pick up a box of Portuguese pastries for breakfast (it’s important to be early and catch them before they go!). We ate one each as soon as we left the cafe, and then made our way Sainsbury’s to do a big shop. The novelty still hasn’t quite worn off of pushing a shopping trolley around a big supermarket, perhaps because we do it so rarely. It makes me feel very grown up.

Then it was time to head back up. We dropped our groceries at home and then made our way out again to appreciate the bright weather.


We walked to a that I spotted during the summer when out about with . It’s a sweet little place that we only had to ourselves for a couple of minutes before other locals filled the place, ordering sandwiches and hot chocolate. I only had room for a tea after gorging on pastries, so the verdict is still out on their cakes, but I have a feeling it won’t be long until I’m back again (the grilled cheese sandwich on the menu sounded too good to leave it long between visits).

The plan for the evening was a cinema trip to see Fantastic Beasts. I absolutely loved it, as I thought I would.

I hope your weekend was also filled with tasty food, warm coats and good films! x

What I Wore…

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