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I’m back!

(sorry, I’ll stop showing off my new name at some point, but for now it’s a novelty and makes me sound far more exotic..!)

I was planning on launching straight back into my regular posting schedule today, but taking two weeks off from the blogosphere has weirded me out slightly (overriding feelings of “but what about REAL LIFE guys?!”) so we’ll call this a soft launch.


In case you hadn’t already seen, less than a couple of weeks ago I married my bestie, Miguel, in Portugal. As they say, it was the happiest day of our lives – I think I can speak for Miguel too here.

I won’t go into too much detail right now though as I’m planning on a whole month-long wedding takeover here on the blog. I’ll be sharing everything from the DIYs I undertook to how I found my dress and other tips I picked up along the way. I hope it will be of some use to anyone else planning a wedding, and for the rest of you who just fancy a nose behind-the-scenes. I’m excited to be able to keep the wedding spark alive a little longer.

Regular programming will resume now! I didn’t take too many pictures in Portugal as I had other things on my mind, but we managed to sneak away with the camera on a couple of occasions, so I’m excited to share the results. See you soon!

Carrie Santana da Silva x

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