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I hope you’ll excuse the phone pictures! I’ve shot myself in the foot slightly. This morning I was getting ready to post the first instalment from our honeymoon to the Maldives, and found myself apologising that the content wasn’t particularly timely. I know everybody is in the mood for hot chocolate, Christmas gift guides and outfits featuring big cosy scarves, not to mention, I’ve not been able to feature any pictures from the wedding itself yet. So, I decided that it would be best to post all of the sun-soaked content from the Maldives when things are looking rather grey after Christmas – I hope you’ll agree with me! Watch this space for lots of blue, swimsuits and palm trees, but until then, things are looking rather wintry. Or at least I hope they will be – I now have absolutely zero content.

So, here’s the kind of post that I always tell myself I’ll do more often – a little chat about life lately. I think my previous post was , so my track record isn’t wonderful. But without further ado…

WishWishWish Autumn


Carrie and Reem


Despite not wanting to leave the beautiful Maldives, as soon as I was on the plane home I started getting excited for Christmas. For the cold, crisp air that you get on a sunny winter day, for hats and gloves and scarves and for roast dinners and buying gifts. But I kicked all of that off a week before we went away with a trip home to Somerset. We were only there for a short time and I didn’t want to bring the camera with me, but ended up taking plenty of snaps on my phone as we went on a drive through our local area before heading for a roast dinner at a pub.

If there’s one thing I miss most about Somerset, it’s carveries – I don’t want anybody dictating how many roast potatoes I put on my plate, thank you very much. Although, if anybody knows of any good carveries in London – please let me know ASAP. I always sneak three yorkshire puddings on my plate, even if it earns me disapproving looks.




Right now I’m happily sitting in my pyjamas working in the living room. The office is too much of a mess and not conducive to productivity, so I’ve set up the dining table in front of the TV (although I’m not sure how many more times I can handle watching Judge Rinder…) Miguel has been working late since we got back as he’s finishing up on , which means I’m starting to get cabin fever as I eat my meals alone. Our suitcases are still unpacked and taking up space in the hallway, but despite all of that, I’m feeling particularly upbeat and excited for what the rest of the month brings.

On the cards for this afternoon? Unpacking. Working out what on earth I’m going to be posting here (requests are welcomed!) and watching more of The Crown.

See you soon! x


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