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Five Bloggers to Follow


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Perhaps it’s the shorter days and wanting to snuggle up in a blanket that has me spending a good portion of my free (and not-so-free) time scrolling through other people’s lives on the internet. Not that I haven’t always done that, but lately I’ve been seeking out new faces and revisiting old favourites in an effort to feel inspired.

Typically my favourite blogs or Instagram profiles are of girls that have different lives to my own, perhaps living near the desert in the US, or in amongst the mountains in Scandinavia. One thread to bind them is that they’ll also have a wonderful talent for something that I covet, whether it be photography, styling or baking. Like I’ve said previously, I don’t have a problem with feeling little pangs of jealousy for other girls online – it keeps me going and inspires me to follow in their footsteps.

So, without further ado,  some of the women I’ve been following lately…

I think people forget that flashy photography isn’t always a recipe for success. I don’t mean to say that photos aren’t wonderful, but when you’re able to Instagram an old-school mirror outfit snap and still get a massively impressive amount of likes, you know you’re on to a winner.

And that’s because this Manchester-based lady has style. She’s the kind of girl that looks bloody great in a pair of mom jeans (not an easy feat) and makes you want to cut yourself a big ol’ fringe. She’s the girl that we’d all quite like to be. Or I would, anyway. Keep me away from the scissors!


This is probably another “Carrie have you been hiding under a rock?” situation, as Li-Chi Pan has amassed well over 400k on , but I’m a new fan. From the pastel hair to the sweet treats that she posts – I have a huge case of the heart-eye emoji. And can we talk about her flatlays? They are meticulous!

Whilst the images might not necessarily resemble real life, it’s not always about that. Her Instagram is a wonderful way to escape into a pastel world full of doughnuts and pastel treats.    


Chances are if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know already. We met for the first time when she moved to London with her husband , and spent plenty of time wandering London together over the years, mostly discussing television programs and food. I’m lucky enough to call her a friend, but don’t think that I’m cheating by including her – her blog is still one of my favourites.

This summer, Mariell and Jostein welcomed their first baby, Saga. I’ll be honest, I usually avoid family or mummy blogs, simply as I’m not quite at that point in my life yet, but keeping up-to-date with their day-to-day puts a big smile on my face, particularly as they have now moved back to Norway.

I love hearing about what they had for breakfast, what Saga wore that day and what they watched on TV that evening. Miguel and I are both itching to go over and visit them, but until then, Hjartesmil does such a wonderful job of making sure we don’t miss them too much.


I think one of the things I love most about Mona’s blog and is that she’s based in the South West of England, my homeland. As well as beautiful snaps of her baking, you’ll find photos from her explorations in Somerset and the surrounding areas. The places she photographs are places that I too have fond memories of.

She certainly inspires me to explore more of the UK – it’s all too easy to forget how beautiful it is out there when you’re bombarded with images from beach destinations on Instagram. If only I knew how to drive!


Another that has me itching to travel, particularly across the US. Visually Tiffany’s feed is perfection in my eyes, I could keep scrolling forever.

Her blog is also wonderful. She shares such intimate details and welcomes you into her life, through beautiful moments and the complete heartbreak that she’s endured this year. Despite the fact it hasn’t been updated for some time, I appreciate getting to know the person behind the beautiful Instagram photos.


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