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Dear Diary…


Food Coma

Just give me a minute before I get to the food! Last week when I was having a bit of a “what even is blogging anymore?!” crisis (potentially down to an impending period…) I asked you guys that follow over on Snapchat if you still regularly read blogs, and what you like to see. One person that replied struck a chord when they mentioned that simple, everyday diary-style posts are far too often overlooked in favour of ‘glossier’ shoots. And it made me realise how much things have changed over the years.

Going out with a camera around my neck and snapping moments throughout the day (and the odd few of myself if I was lucky) or just a couple of pictures of a new purchase or something I ate was how this all began, and blogs that still follow that format (I’m looking at you, Scandinavians!) are still some of my favourite to read. Perhaps this is a longer subject for a separate post, but essentially, that day I felt the urge just to bring my camera along with me to see what would happen. This post is the result.


Myself, , , and all met up (a rarer occurrence than we’d like) to head to the preview of Camden’s new street food market, . Being the lucky so-and-sos that we are, we could pick free taster dishes from any stall at the market, which sent me into a bit of a panic/frenzy. I worked out my strategy and then made my way round, picking up fries, a burger, mac and cheese and fried chicken.

As if that wasn’t enough I managed to polish off a slice of Liv’s pizza and then top if off with ice cream (there were rumours that the guy running the stall was cute, so I had to check it out for myself…)

It reminded me how great Camden can be, and that I’m lucky enough to live so close that I could come and stuff my face here any day of the week if I wanted.

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