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Autumn in the Cotswolds

Take Thyme

Life has been a little blue lately, but in the best way possible – you’ll see what I mean if you take a look at my , but now I’m back in London and the Christmas adverts are on the TV, I’m completely craving orange leaves, open fires, roast dinners and big cosy blankets. So this post from a few weeks ago is giving me all of the ~feels~.

Myself and a group of blogger buddies hopped on the train with Olympus to in the Cotswolds, all in the name of discovering their new camera and getting in a little R&R at the same time. This was both my first time in the Cotswolds, as well as my first time using the famed blogger-fave, . I’m probably at my most excited when I’m playing with new technology and discovering new places, so this was an absolutely ideal way to spend a few days.


When we arrived at Thyme, we unpacked our cameras, put on our wellies and went exploring. Now I’ll be honest with you, there aren’t any pictures from the Olympus Pen E-PL8 in this post for a couple of reasons. I’m a total stickler when it comes to the way I shoot my posts – I’ve been using the same camera for years, and I didn’t want to take any chances when it came to documenting such a beautiful place. Getting used to a new camera takes time, learning the way that it handles colour and being able switch up settings with ease whilst shooting is really important. But for those of you interested in the Pen E-PL8, I’ll be back with another post on my thoughts. I’ll give it the proper review it deserves, but I just need to get to know it properly before I feel comfortable talking about it in-depth – I hope that makes sense! If you’re too impatient, do pop over and watch  on her first impressions.

So, back to those leaves. We explored the property and it’s farm, stopping after every few steps to take pictures with a new coloured backdrop. It was every bit as idyllic as they say it is in the Cotswolds. In the evening we swapped out out wellies and walked to the local pub for dinner.

Being out in the fresh air made me miss being at home in Somerset, which has me craving Christmas more fervently. But we’ll put that thought on pause as next up I’ll be sharing snaps from my slightly warmer Honeymoon x

What I Wore…

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