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A Guide to my Local Area – Kentish Town & Tufnell Park

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Welcome to my ‘hood! I’ve wanted to do a little guide on my local area for quite some time now. Unless you live nearby, it’s probably fairly easy to overlook, but just it’s just a stop or two up from Camden, and has plenty of places worth checking out if you’re looking to explore a bit of London that you might not have visited before.

We’ve been here for four years now. I remember when we came to look at the flat we didn’t have a clue where we were – we walked from Tufnell Park station in the dark and felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, and it was only after moving in that we decided to walk in the other direction and realised just how connected we were. Hampstead Heath was just a short walk away, and there was a cool-looking burger place down the road (if you know me, you’ll know this is a big deal…). It was almost luck that had landed us in such a wonderful spot – it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with NW5.


Although it’s only been four years since we’ve been residents, I think I’d be correct in saying that the area is changing. I’ve seen more restaurants (some of them chains) and independent shops pop up, which is welcome as far as I’m concerned – I feel like I can spend an entire weekend entertained here without having to step foot on any mode of transport. With it’s colourful streets, big beautiful outdoor spaces and good food, I couldn’t be happier to live here – let’s see if I can convince you to make a trip!

During the summer whilst on the bus going down Fortess Road, I noticed a vintage shop that I hadn’t spotted before. It’s been there for two years, but this was the first time I had bothered to look up from my phone whilst going by, and I’m glad that I did. Whilst vintage shopping isn’t something I do regularly anymore, having somewhere nearby with rails to rifle through is a good feeling!

Shop owner Sarah and I couldn’t stop chatting when I visited, and she told me that she’d keep me updated about her latest stock, which is great as it means I can go in and nab all the vintage denim and ‘60s dresses before her local celeb clientele get there!

hadn’t long been open when I visited for the first time. You might already know O’Dells from their branch in Shoreditch – it’s a wonderful shop stocked with handmade goods and the most beautiful selection of plants and succulents. You’ll also find fresh bread here, as well as candles made in London from Evermore (who I have featured previously here on the blog) – so it’s basically an Instagrammers dream.

I picked up some tiny little succulents on my last trip there, and look forward to seeing what I find next time I pop by.

I was excited when I saw this place open on Kentish Town Highstreet – anywhere with beef in the name is worth visiting if you ask me. It took me until I was visiting places to photograph for this post to actually eat here, and I’ve been thinking about the brunch I had ever since!

As I was visiting in the morning, it only made sense to order eggs, so I’m looking forward to finding the time to head back for dinner and test more of the menu.

Until one of my friends pointed this place in Tufnell Park out to me, I had no idea it even existed! Just opposite the station, tucked behind a big gate, you’ll find . As you can see from the snaps, it’s a wonderful design store that looks like it’s straight out of Copenhagen.

Filled with furniture, design pieces, bathroom bits and smaller gifts – you can get a good feel for the stock in their online store, but I think popping in for a browse is always preferable!


Everyone needs a great local ice cream parlour, and mine just happens to be really great. makes their ice cream in Tufnell Park, and switches out their creative flavours regularly, so you’ll always have something new and interesting to try (two flavours described on their site are Horseradish and Brown Toast and Seville Orange Marmalade) – and if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, the interior in this little place is wonderful too. The tiled floors are the best for a #FWIS with your ice cream – I wasn’t brave enough to try anything too wacky and stuck with a raspberry ripple.

When I stepped into in Tufnell Park for the first time, I had a massive smile on my face. A shop walking distance from my house that sells Acne, Bella Freud, YMC and Isabel Marant? Yes please! I know it sounds odd, as I can shop those brands online, but there is something about having a local boutique that excited me.

Angel residents might already be acquainted with Diverse, who moved to Tufnell Park fairly recently, but their loss is my gain, as the brands stocked here are amazing.

This chic French bar is a little gem in Kentish Town. At present I’ve only ever visited for brunch at the weekend (as their timings for dinner have me a little confused) but what I have eaten there has been wonderful. The tables outside and the French waiter serving you could fool you into thinking you were in Paris, if it weren’t for the bright red car hire shop opposite and the buses passing by.

I get the feeling that it’s probably best to book if you’re planning on visiting in the evenings, so that’s on my to-do list! The French Toast I had was impressive enough for me to want to come back for dinner.


This is a bit of an honorary mention as I wasn’t planning on including this place – in fact, I’d never stepped foot inside before this, but the tiny clothes and cute decor pulled me in. is a store for children, and whilst I have no plans involving tiny humans in the near future, as soon as you click through to it’s site you’ll see the appeal for adults with a love for cute design too.

I couldn’t recommend it enough for those of you with little ones, but at the same time, it’s worth a peek for those of you that identify as children at heart too (who doesn’t like temporary tattoos and ghost-shaped lamps!?)

Honourable mentions…

Okay, so I’m not done. Not by a long shot. I thought that I would throw in a few honourable mentions, but then the list started growing and I realised that it was probably enough to fill  another post – so watch this space as I make my way around the rest of my local favourites and I’ll be back soon with more NW5 addresses for you to enjoy. This should be enough to keep you going!

Stay tuned for
part two

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